The Tale of Magic


“The Tale of Magic” by Chris Colfer is probably my favorite book ever. It’s funny, interesting, and unique. 

The book starts with a prologue that tells you about an important character, Madame Weatherberry. She wants to open a fairy school. She is warm and charismatic. But the only flaw about opening a fairy school is that magic is outlawed.

There are four kingdoms in the story: the Northern Kingdom, the Western Kingdom, the Eastern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. But there is also a scary forest called the In-Between.

Another important character is Brystal, who lives in the Southern Kingdom and loves to read. But one fateful morning, her mother confiscates all her books! How come? Women and girls aren’t allowed to read. But to Brystal, books are like friends – it’s hard to let go of them.

At school, Brystal doesn’t fit in. She is caught daydreaming often. Unlike every other girl, she doesn’t want to become a flouncy princess who works all day. She just wants an adventure.

Pretty soon, Brystal signs up to clean the library. When she stumbles upon a secret section in the library, she finds a spell book and reads a spell. Brystal conjures up magic and is swiftly convicted of her crimes for reading and magic! She is sent to the miserable Bootstrap Correctional Facility, where she has to work as a slave for the horrible Edgars.

Brystal had been at the Bootstrap Correctional Facility for barely a week when her magic strikes again. Suddenly, a carriage pulled by unicorns comes to the facility. It’s Madame Weatherberry! She is there to take Brystal to her magic school.

Once she gets there, Brystal is mesmerized by its beauty. But she soon discovers that Madame Weatherberry is in trouble. Madame Weatherberry is battling an evil Snow Queen!

Will Brystal and her friends save Madame Weatherberry? Or will their teacher perish at the hands of the Snow Queen?

I recommend this book for ages 10-16 because there is mild language and hard words. The ending will surprise you. Kids who like adventure and fantasy will LOVE this book!

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