Dog Man: For Whom The Ball Rolls


In the book, “Dog Man: For Whom The Ball Rolls” by Dav Pilkey, Dog Man is obsessed with and has a fear of toy balls. A villain learns that Dog Man now fears his former obsession! So the villain, “Dr. Scum,” creates “Burglar Balls” to steal valuable items from shops and he knows that Dog Man fears the balls, which means Dog Man can’t stop Dr. Scum. While that’s happening Petey the cat is pardoned from prison! 

Dog Man can’t stop the burglar balls but the Supa Buddies Can! The Supa Buddies come to the rescue and guess who else comes, Petey the cat! Petey comes with a Robo Rat but then Robo Rat eats all the Burglar balls and becomes a Robo Caterpillar! Then Dr. Scum has one last trick up his sleeve. Dr. Scum comes out with a GIANT ROBOT and then Dr. Scum hits the caterpillar with a laser and puts the Robo Caterpillar in a cocoon! Well during this dark time in the shadows another “hero” rises from the darkness, it was Cupcake Commando! Will Petey survive? Will the Robo Caterpillar come back? Will Cupcake Commando save the day? Well, find out by reading “Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls.”

I would recommend this book for 1st to 6th grades because it’s an amazing book and has things like flip-o-rama to get you in the action! I also liked this book because it has so many plot twists! This book is a great book if you want fun, action, and plot twists. If that’s what you like than this book is for you! I also recommend this book for both boys and girls because both will enjoy this book!