Tunnel of Bones


“Tunnel of Bones” by Victoria Schwab is a book about a girl named Cassidy and her ghost friend Jacob. Jacob, Cassidy and her family  go on a trip to Paris to explore famous haunted places to see if they can find any ghosts.

Cassidy has something special about her that makes her very different from others. Last year Cassidy almost died, but Jacob saved her; therefore, she is able to see ghosts, and save them. Also, Cassidy isn’t the only one with this power. Lisa, who is one of Cassidy’s friends that Jacob doesn’t like, also has this power. They have access to the Veil, a place where ghosts are either trapped or live.

In Cassidy’s old hometown, the Veil came to her like a thunderclap. But here in Paris, things are…different. She can feel  the Veil tapping her everywhere she goes…it feels like Paris is super haunted, like the Catacombs filled with over 6 million bones. As you read deeper, (just like the catacombs) this story gets more thrilling with each chapter! And scarier…read it if you dare!

I recommend this book for 8-14 year-olds who love thrilling, ghostly books. This book is for girls and boys. I don’t really say 7 or younger because ghosts and almost dying people might be too sensitive a topic. When I was younger, I loved reading about ghosts, so it might depend on the individual.

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