“Wildfire” by Rodman Philbrick is about a boy named Sam, who is at a summer camp called “Camp Wabanaski.” One morning Sam woke up to the smell of smoke, the radio tuned in to Phat Freddie telling them about the ongoing fire, and the camp counselors telling the children to get their essentials, nothing else, and evacuate the camp. Suddenly, Sam remembers that his phone is still in his cabin and he goes back to get it. When the buses arrive he gets trapped on the other side of the fire. Sam is forced to run in the opposite direction of the buses. While he’s running he finds a creek  and jumps into it to keep him safe. He then realizes that his phone was in his back pocket and is now ruined. With no one there and no way to contact someone how will he get home? But Sam wasn’t ready to give up. Using the skills he learned from his father, who sadly passed away, Sam finds an old logging road and a Jeep that he successfully starts, and he is on his way. On his way out he finds a girl who is older, taller, and stronger than he is. Will they ever get out? And, if they do, what will happen? Read the book to find out!     

“Wildfire” by Rodman Philbrick in my opinion was a great story. It is a little bit more for a mature audience as it talks about death and war but, this depends on the person. The story line was very intriguing and although not an everyday topic it had relatable characters as well as emotions. I recommend this book to people around the ages of ten and eleven because they are more educated on these topics. I love the way the story is told through Sam’s perspective since it gives you his thoughts but it would be nice to hear the other character’s perspective as well. This was a great story and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Don’t forget to read this book!