My All-County Experience

Do you play an instrument?  This year I was accepted into the 2020 All County Music Festival for playing the violin.  In order to participate your music teacher must recommend you or you had to have a high New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) score. It was an amazing experience and I even made some new friends from other school districts!  It was a challenge but after three days of practicing for three and a half hours each, we sounded amazing at the concert!

Practicing was very hard work though.  We were there from 4:00pm to 7:30pm, but we did get a 30 minute dinner break.  For dinner we ate pizza and they had Snapple if you wanted a drink. If you wanted to, you were also allowed to bring your own lunch.  They also had snacks and candy. 

At our concert we played four songs in total.  The songs were Luminescence, Remember me (from Coco), Beethoven’s Lullaby, and Contredanse. 

Overall I was very proud of myself and glad that I participated in the concert!