Spies in Disguise

I recently watched “Spies in Disguise.” It was an amazing movie! In the beginning you see a spy named Lance Sterling. Sterling is an incredible spy and is taking back a briefcase from two men that stole it from the spy corporation that Sterling works for. The men  look very intimidating. While Sterling is fighting some bad guys, he attempts to use a bomb but when he throws it, the bomb EXPLODES… with glitter. The glitter forms together to make the shape of an adorable kitty. Everybody is transfixed and he manages to get out of there. Sterling goes to confront the person who made the bomb, Walter. Sterling is very mad. Do you want to  see if Walter gets fired? What happens to the briefcase? Find out when you watch the movie. 

I think that “Spies in Disguise” is a fun movie for all ages with lovable characters. I think that this movie appeals to boys a bit more because of the whole spy action movie concept but if you are a girl and this looks appealing then go watch the movie! I went to watch this with my family and we had a great time. The movie is still out in theaters and is coming out on DVD and blu-ray on March 10th 2020. So mark your calendars folks! I hope those of you who are reading this article are able to watch this fun movie!