The New York Times’ 7th Annual Student Editorial Contest – Deadline to enter 3/31

Every school day, the New York Times use their daily Student Opinion feature to invite teenagers to share their opinions about questions they pose — and hundreds do, posting arguments, reflections and anecdotes.

Now, for the seventh year in a row, they’re inviting kids to make those thoughts into something a little more formal: short, evidence-based persuasive essays like the editorials The New York Times publishes every day.  The contest is open to all middle and high school students, Ages 10-19.

The challenge is fairly straightforward. Choose a topic you care about — whether it’s something the Times has addressed on their website or not — then gather evidence from sources both within and outside The New York Times and write a concise editorial (450 words or fewer) to convince readers of your view.

Because editorial writing at newspapers is a collaborative process, you can write your entry as a team or by yourself — though, please, only one submission per student. MORE