The movie “Dolittle” is a fascinating story.  The movie features many animals such as Poly, a bright blue and energetic parrot,  Yoshi, the polar bear who can withstand a summer day, Chee Chee, a monkey found in Africa who is calm and peaceful, and many more! I recommend this movie for all ages because of its humor,  the movie’s animals and people’s actions.

Dolittle’s wife, Lily has died at sea because the boat she was in was hit with big waves during a severe storm. Lily promises to come back and gives her ring to Dolittle. Lily’s ring is his most prized possession, along with pictures of his wife Lily. One day, Tommy is forced by his parents to shoot a squirrel named Kevin. Carrying the squirrel with concern, Tommy goes to this place with trees and grass. Tommy eventually gets stuck in a trap from a tree. Polynesia, a princess, lends him a hand. She is at this place for a certain reason as well. Both spot a house and go inside it. There are many animals in the house who help an old man with a long beard who turns out to be Dolittle.

Polynesia convinces Dolittle that her mother is sick and needs to be cured because someone has poisoned her. The only way she can be saved is by a fruit form a fruit tree that is miles away from their place. Then Tommy shows Dolittle the squirrel. Dolittle cures it with the help of his animals and the squirrel comes back to life. After hearing what the princess is saying about her ailing mother, Dolittle decides to go with Tommy. But first they have to go to a castle where the princess’s mother lives. The queen is seen on a bed and there are many people in the room with her. Dolittle leaves his dog Jip and a walking stick to keep a lookout. Tommy and Dolittle decide to go on a ship to go to the fruit tree and they take most of Dolittle’s animals with them. While on their journey,Dolittle’s ship is attacked by people on a big boat. They have to find a way to survive.

            What else will they encounter? Will they survive this dangerous journey, and make it to the fruit tree to heal the princess’s mother? Find out more by watching the movie!