Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball


In the book, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball” by Jeff Kinney, Greg, the main character, is the narrator of the book. He communicates to the reader by sharing his journal.  Greg’s family has a family meeting about someone in their family who has passed away. Greg’s family will inherit a portion of her money, so they all start coming up with ideas for how they can use the money.  However, no one can agree on anything!

Greg’s Mom decides they will use the money for adding an extension to their house and no one can interfere with her choice. Greg’s family still has to go to their relative’s funeral and they are late. They see no one they know but they think it’s because their relative did not have a large family. After the funeral, they realize they were at the WRONG place and then they try to make it to the real funeral but when they get there the funeral has ended.

When the work at their house begins, they find out there is mold, rodents, and other critters in their WALLS. What will happen next? Will they be able to build the extension or will they have to leave their house forever?

I would recommend this book to kids in 3rd grade and up because it has some funny scenes and it also makes you feel like you’re reading someone’s actual journal. I think both boys and girls can read this because it will bring a laugh to anyone!

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