The Call of the Wild


I recently watched a movie called “The Call of the Wild.” The movie starts out with a dog named Buck who is respected by everyone, but he is not exactly the most obedient dog. One day, his rich master is having a party, and Buck eats and messes up all the food. His master tells him to sleep on the porch, hoping that Buck would learn from his mistake. While sleeping on the porch, a man lures Buck into a truck using food as bait. Where does Buck go next? What will happen to him? Who will be his new master(s)? Watch the movie to find out.

“The Call of the Wild” is a very emotional movie. It is also very slow-paced. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who want action or to people who are very emotional about sad parts, but if you love animals (especially dogs), go right ahead and watch this. It truly is amazing! The movie is best for third graders to adults you have to understand what Buck is feeling just by watching him. This movie is good for both girls and boys.

While I was watching, I didn’t even realize that an hour and 45 minutes had passed.

The minute you start watching, it is like your eyes are glued to the screen. In the movie, there are parts that melt your heart, parts where rivers of tears flow from your eyes and parts where you want to jump with joy. Throughout the movie, Buck experiences all these emotions too.

If you are reading and enjoy this review, I hope you go see this movie. After all, it is “THE CALL” of the wild.