Sonic the Hedgehog


The movie, “Sonic the Hedgehog” directed by Jeff Fowler with the cast starring Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey, and Tika Sumpter is very family-friendly. This movie is fictional and is an action-packed movie with very few sad moments.

“Sonic” is based on  a hedgehog born with extraordinary powers who always has people trying to capture his powers. Sonic, played by Ben Schwartz has a very wise owl as a guardian who always protects him. While Sonic is being chased, the owl gives him rings that open a portal to wherever he says he wants to go.

Sonic wants to go to another dimension, so the owl says Greenhills and Sonic ends up in Greenhills where he lives underground. The hedgehog goes to see a baseball game and hides under the bleachers so he won’t be seen. After the game, Sonic remembers he will be lonely forever, which makes him mad. Because of his anger, Sonic runs around the track a few times which causes a blackout throughout the whole town of Greenhills.

Now Sonic is being hunted and is running out of options. If Sonic runs out of options, he would be the only living thing on a planet where there was nothing but mushrooms. So he decides to roam around Tom Wachowski’s house (James Marsden) which he likes to call Donut lore’s house but then he gets caught by Tom. Tom gets so scared he accidentally shot Sonic with his wife Maddie Wachowski’s (Tika Sumpter) gun.

Sonic passes out on the floor in the garage when Tom is wearing a shirt that says San Francisco on it. So Sonic takes his rings, and by accident, says San Francisco and drops his rings in the portal. He’s now stuck in Greenhills until he can get his rings back from on top of a building in San Francisco. When it looks like things can’t get worse, Doctor Eggman (Jim Carrey) knocks on Tom’s door. Doctor Eggman is hoping to catch Sonic, kill him and then use his powers to make himself more powerful.  He is working with his scared and freaked out sidekick, Stone Lebanese (Lee Majdoub) by his side.

This totally has Tom freaked out and worried because he has Sonic hidden and knows where Sonic is. With doctor Eggman inches away from walking into Tom’s house with Sonic inside, Tom tries his best to convince doctor Eggman that Sonic is not inside the house. Doctor Eggman is able to trick Tom into getting inside his house with his highly advanced robot machines to find Sonic. After that, things get out of hand and Sonic attacks doctor Eggman’s robot. Tom punches doctor Eggman across his face and makes a run to escape with Sonic. They jump into the car and drive away as fast as they can. Now Tom is a criminal being hunted down.

Will Sonic get his rings back? Will Tom get caught and have to go to prison? Find out by watching the movieSonic the Hedgehog.”

 I recommend this movie for ages 5 and up. I think there is no age that will get bored of this hilarious film. The reason why I think children under 5 would dislike this movie is because it could be very confusing. I hope you want to watch this movie after reading my review.

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