She’s a Liar!

She's a Liar!

“She’s a Liar!” by Alison Cherry is quite an amazing book. 

Abby Carrington, an incoming sixth grader, arrives at her new boarding school, Brookside Academy. Abby is shy and never really talks to people, but she wants to change that. Abby wants to be more outgoing and confident. Determined, she becomes the outgoing, confident and popular “Abbi.” After accidentally breaking her dorm’s blinds, she finds out about the Committee, a powerful student organization that basically controls everything, from off-campus passes to club budgets.

Abby also finds out that her sister, Sydney, is the president of the Committee! To Abby, Sydney seems to be this new, powerful and confident person. Like Abby, Sydney didn’t have any friends at their old school, so Abby is surprised to see that Sydney also had become a “new person” at this school.

Pretty soon, “Abbi” makes a lot of new friends, including Christina, Lydia and Grace. Abbi even auditions for the fall play, Cinderella, and gets a part in the ensemble. Sydney is quite surprised to see how far Abbi has come from her old self, and a bit scared. In order to “protect” her sister from being humiliated, Sydney cancels the play and tells Abbi that the committee should be using the play budget for other clubs.  Abbi has a hunch that Sydney has something to do with cancelling the play. Many people are quite devastated that the play is cancelled, especially Lydia, who also a member of the ensemble.

With the help of her new friends, Abbi decides to run for the committee to save the play.

As you read further into the book, the relationship between the two sisters changes but you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out more. I personally give this book a 10 out of 10. It is a very descriptive book, and it shows the character’s personalities through their actions. I’d recommend this book for children eight to ten, mostly because the events in this book are so descriptive – which makes me think that kids too young won’t understand what’s happening and kids older may think this is too easy to read.


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