My trip to the Great Wolf Lodge


I recently went on a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for my birthday and it was truly amazing! There was swimming, water rides, lots of fun activities, games and a few wolves:)! It’s one of the best places to go during winter. By now, you probably would have guessed what this place is. Yes, it is an indoor water park resort with games, adventures and lots of fun.

The Lodge has 2 indoor water parks. These water parks have fun water rides, pools and a hot tub. The hob tub isn’t the type of hot tub you would normally picture in your mind. Actually, half of the hot tub is inside the building and the other half is outside. For some of you, this would seem dreadful but for others this is totally awesome! To me, I felt that the half that was outside was way warmer than the one inside. Crazy, right?

The Lodge is not just an indoor water park resort but it also has a lot of dry land games and fun adventures for all ages- mini golf, bowling, rock climbing, a rope course for younger and older kids, an arcade section, laser tag and a magical adventure called magi-quest. The magi-quest usually takes about 3-4 hours. That is a long time, but let me tell you something, it really is worth it. The game keeps kids and adults going, no matter how tired they are. The minute you start the game, you never want to stop.

I also loved the room that we stayed in. It was called the Wolf Den. The Wolf Den is very different from the regular rooms. It has a bunk bed in its own space designed like an actual wolf’s den. This room is very enjoyable for kids.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a wonderful place to visit. Families can take morning walks, attend late night read alouds, relax in a spa, and also choose from many dining options. So, if you’re looking for an amazing vacation, just “howl” the Great Wolf Lodge