Jaclyn Hyde


The book “Jaclyn Hyde” by Annebeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White, is about a kind, young girl named Jaclyn Hyde who is a perfectionist.  One day Jaclyn was baking Grandma Hyde’s Chocolate Delights, which was her family’s cookie recipe that had been passed down for generations, for a girl named Darcy Lithgow. Darcy’s birthday was the next day. Whenever it was someone’s birthday in Jaclyn’s class, she baked cookies for everyone!  

Suddenly Jaclyn remembered she had to clean her rabbit, Charles’, cage.  Jaclyn decided she’d clean his cage while her cookies were baking. Just then her friends Fatima Ali and Paige Greer arrived at her house to work on their project for the school science fair.  

Jaclyn led her friends to the garage and inside there was a model of a volcano that reached halfway to the ceiling!  Jaclyn wanted to go above and beyond with their project, so she decided to build an exact replica of Mount Vesuvius. Fatima and Paige were astonished when they saw how huge it was! Fatima thought it wasn’t fair to make such an amazing science project if nobody was going to win.  Why was nobody going to win? It’s because they have the meanest principal in the whole world! Her name is Miss Carver. One time Miss Carver saw Fatima accidentally throw a plastic bottle into the trash can. She made Fatima jump in and dig it out and then closed the lid on her! Jaclyn wished that they still had the principal her sister Melanie used to have when she went to Fog Island Middle School. Her name was Greta Goodman, and she would always be kind and encouraging to all of the students. Anyway, it was time to test the recipe for the lava of the volcano. 3,2,1, KABOOM!!! The garage was covered in lava! Just then the fire alarm started to go off! Jaclyn had forgotten about Grandma Hyde’s Chocolate Delights! 

Jaclyn ran to get the cookies out of the oven when she realized she had left Charles’ cage open, but now, he was gone! They searched for him and thought they would never see him again when they spotted him through the smoke! The problem was, he hopped right to a house called Enfield Manor, which was on Cedar Street. No kids had ever dared to go on Cedar Street let alone Enfield Manor! By accident, Jaclyn startled Charles, who of course, hopped right inside the house! Jaclyn loved that bunny so much that she decided to go inside the house and look for him. Unfortunately, they came home empty-handed, except for one thing. 

Inside Enfield Manor when they were looking for Charles, Jaclyn found a book. She looked through it and found a perfection potion! She decided to rip the page out of the book so she could try making it. After all, Jaclyn knew her parents would be very disappointed in her, especially because of the mess she left in the house! So, after Jaclyn and her parents cleaned up the house, Jaclyn went through the struggle of finding all the ingredients for the perfection potion, which included rotten apples. Finally, she made a potion that would make her perfect! Or would it? The next day at school, at approximately 7:55 am, Jaclyn was talking to two boys in the sixth grade about their new bird-watching club when she felt something she had never felt before. Her bones ached and her joints cracked. Before she knew it she wasn’t in control of her own body and she was running to homeroom with the tray of brownies in her hands. She wanted to run back and return them but she couldn’t! Then she handed them out to the class for Darcy’s birthday telling them that she had made brownies and that there had been a little problem with the cookies!

This book was so great and I definitely recommend it. I would say that this book is good for grades 4-6 because it is long and some parts may be confusing to the lower grades. In my opinion, the second part of this book was the best. But I’m not going to tell you anything more about it because it would spoil the whole book. You’ll have to read it yourself! Does Jaclyn get back to normal? Does she get worse? Or does she get better? Do they find out why Greta Goodman vanished out of thin air? Or why Miss Carver is so mean? To find out what happens next, read the book “Jaclyn Hyde!”

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