Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Hello! Since school is closed and we need to practice social distancing, we all have to adjust to a new reality. Life has really changed for me while staying home. 

The most important thing I do is staying in touch with my friends. I do it through Messenger Kids, a texting app that is just for kids. On this app, you can even video chat!

At home, I like to have a few other educational things to do besides schoolwork. I Facetime my piano teacher, and learn Spanish on Duolingo. The things I do for fun are creating animations on GachaLife, play with my brother, and listen to music. Since I have been home, I have discovered that my favorite music is jazz and bossa nova. This is one of the good things about staying home, you can discover new things about yourself. To relax I like to take walks, practice yoga, mediate and take nice, warm bubble baths.

I will conclude by saying that I miss school. All my teachers are very loving and caring and I would like to see my friends. 

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