Trolls World Tour


A swarm of techno trolls danced to their king’s music, until they came across entertaining queen Barb, the queen of rock music, attempting world domination to make every troll bow down to rock. Queen Barb destroyed the village, getting her hands on the techno string, getting her one more step closer to her goal. The techno string is techno troll’s music — as each tribe has their own string. Having them all for rock will destroy the rest of music.

In Troll village, Queen Poppy was having a normal, beautiful day with Branch by her side. Guy Diamond had a baby, they named Little Diamond. Then Biggie, one of her best friends, was chased by a ugly looking creature, who appeared to have a note on his collar. Poppy attempted to save Biggie, but the creature leaped onto her hot pink hair. In the end, Branch rescued the trolls, as Poppy took the note off his collar. The note said Queen Barb invite them to the biggest party ever and would like them to bring their strings with them. Poppy didn’t know about any sort of string, as her father never told her. But her father freaked out. He knew what dangers they would face. Branch calmed him down by using the same soothing technique he did on the creature. After Poppy’s father calmed down, he told his daughter and her best friend, Branch, how all the tribes lived in harmony, and how they argued who’s music was better, and split into separate tribes. Then, he showed them their own string, the string of pop. Out of all of this information, Poppy assumed Barb is trying to bring all trolls together.

In the middle of the night, Poppy gave a little makeover to the little creature. She sent a reply saying she would love to share her party ideas with Barb— and maybe even become best friends. Poppy told the “bird” what she wants Queen Barb to know. Branch overhears Poppy’s conversation, and tells her not to go, as they don’t even know Queen Barb. Poppy expressed her feelings, how there are trolls just like them and how they deserve harmony. Apparently, another friend of Poppy, named Cooper, over heard this conversation and sneezed a faint sneeze. So faint, Poppy was the only one who heard it. This gave Cooper a clue that there was another world waiting for him— with trolls like him. He set off on a journey, he was longing to complete. Will Poppy keep the harmony between the trolls? Will Queen Barb succeed in getting all the strings for rock? Will Cooper find trolls like him?  You’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens!

In this movie Poppy doesn’t meet many people, and to me, this made the movie less exciting. I would love to see more characters who had decent roles. Plus, in the original Trolls movie, Branch got his true colors back (it even mentions this in the movie) but, they still don’t show his long blue hair and his teal skin. He was grey like he’s still sad about his grandma. I think the music in the movie was entertaining and probably my favorite parts of the movie.

I would highly recommend this movie to other people who haven’t seen it. Although, the first movie was more entertaining because they introduced all the characters. Also in the first movie, the trolls had a much bigger opponent: King Gristle Jr. The king was a big, strong, bergen. (Bergens are large ogre-like creatures) In the second movie, Queen Poppy could have called a bergen, and it would demolish Barb. I  give this movie a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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