School Using Paper and Pen Is Better


Hi, my name is Ahmed and I am here to tell you about my experience with social distancing. So lets talk about how this outbreak started. According to the news, it came from a city called Wuhan, which is in China.

When it started to affect people here in the United States, people began panic shopping for food, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray/wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels. Paper towels, toilet paper and disinfectant items were out of stock everywhere.

It is a very difficult time so almost three million confirmed cases and over two hundred thousand deaths worldwide. I’m hoping that it gets better but for now I have a story to write.

At the moment,  I am staying home, and I am safe. But not everyone can stay home, essential workers must still go to work. These people are nurses, fireman, policemen, doctors, mailman, grocery store workers and more.

I live in New York state, and we have a large population. This means more people are affected. New York has the most positive cases, and deaths in the United States. The governor of New York passed a law if you don`t practice social distancing you get a fine of one thousand dollars. Everyone must were a mask or they could be fined.

Lets talk about school.

I am not that excited school is online. That’s right, school is online for the rest of the school year. You may think not going to school is a blessing but it’s actually a nightmare. You do your  work on your device. Our school is using Google classroom to do the work, the teacher posts work and the students do the work. Every teacher has their own Google classroom group. This system is nice, but paper and pen is way better in my opinion.

We all need to stay 6 feet apart in public. You may think this not such a big deal but if you have lived through this virus, you know how bad the crisis is.  Everyone will be happy to be safe after this is all over.  I feel lucky to live through this crisis.


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