Coronavirus- (2020) A Life Changing Event


The coronavirus has affected many lives. All in various ways, like some people have to live in the hospital, some have to treat the people with the virus, some lost their jobs, some people can’t get medical help, and some people are like me – kids. How is my life you might ask?

I used to complain about going to school. Now, I actually miss school. I stare at a screen every day— that’s my school.

I read on my iPad more than ever. I’m playing Roblox a lot, until I get bored and ask my mom if I can FaceTime my friends. “Of course,” she says if we’re free at the time “you can call her at…” She gives me the time. If it’s early, I sit down to do anything I can. Knowing the internet’s really bad. “I even miss going to the boring old store!” I say to my mom and dad. “At least now I know how lucky I was to go somewhere.”

If I ever do go outside, I stay in the car. They say kids carry the germs and pass them on. For once, I want to go to a deserted place, like a farm, just to be outside. At least I can go to my backyard if it’s warm enough.

I worry a lot too. My grandmas and grandpas all live in India, where the tests aren’t as available as New York, which means they can come in contact with someone who may have  been affected by the coronavirus, but they might not know. This puts them at an even higher risk of getting the virus. I have always had a feeling that we will face something bad in 2020, I don’t know why? And then it happened—the first pandemic since 1918! Ever since then, life was gloomy.

I was sick with cold and cough right before my school closed. “Whew” I said. My mom and dad agreed that we were lucky to all be home.