Pixar’s “Onward” Review


I really enjoyed Pixar’s latest release, “Onward.” The movie is about two elf brothers who live in a world with all sorts of mythical creatures. The younger brother, Ian, voiced by Tom Holland, is celebrating his 16th birthday. His mom surprises him with a gift from his dad, who got sick and died before Ian even got to meet him. The gift is a wizard’s staff, which gives Ian the power to get his dad back for one day. But it’s so hard to control, that Ian only manages to get his dad’s legs back! So his brother, Barley, voiced by Chris Pratt, and Ian go on an epic quest in search for a phoenix gem–the only thing that can bring rest of their dad back.  The brothers make some good friends and powerful enemies on their quest.

This movie has a powerful lesson about family, and in my opinion, is a must-see.

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