The Quarantine Chronicle


For those who do not know what quarantine is, you are at your house or apartment, are bored out of your mind, sitting on a computer or other electronic device, and finally admitting that you would rather be at school with your friends. If you know what that feels like, you are stuck like me. Every day I wake up to eat breakfast and get onto a computer, iPad, or IPhone. By the time I get off of the screen, it’s after noon.  Then, the next day, I have to do it all over again.

Since I was unsure if quarantine life was good or bad, I decided to make a list of pros and cons. 

I’ll start with the pros. 

First, we are preventing ourselves from getting this deadly disease. Second, we get to spend more time with family. Next, we get to wake up later (that is a plus) and do not have to go anywhere. We also use new websites to help us learn at school, and that is fun! We also get more time to do hobbies or to try something new, like when I went camping in my own backyard with my Boy Scout Troop. We talked together via Zoom, an online network that lets you see and talk with other people even though we are not in the same place. 

Now let me move to the cons. First and foremost, we all miss our friends from school, and being there, too. Second, we can get bored from all this screen time and even get headaches.  We also need to find new ways to stay fit. Finally, you never feel good about living during a global crisis. 

Though there are pros and cons to living in quarantine, there is still one fact left. We are in quarantine, no matter what – so let’s make the best we can about it.


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