Nassau County Museum of Art Exhibit


Do you really like the color blue? If so, you’ll LOVE the exhibit “Blue!” My family and I got passes to visit The Nassau County Museum of Art, and we wanted to go. But now the museum is closed, so I took a virtual tour of the exhibit “Blue.” One reason I  really liked the exhibit is that blue is one of my favorite colors. Blue is the world’s most famous color. It is the color of the ocean and sky and has a calming and relaxing effect on our psyche.

The exhibit houses paintings, watercolors, sculptures, ceramics, and other works of art that are blue. Some paintings come from the most famous artists of our time, like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The exhibit takes us through historical times as well as different geographical regions, like Egypt, China, and medieval Europe. 

One of the works of art that I liked the most was “Blue Nudes” by Henri Matisse. It is a series of blue cutouts on white paper, also called Paper Cuts. Another interesting series of pieces were woven rugs by Antonio Santín. They look very realistic, mysterious, and three dimensional. I also liked the colorful design on the Moroccan tiles. Right in the middle of the tour, there was a piece of art that I did not expect to see in the gallery. It was a punching bag by Jeffrey Gibson! I think it is a very thought-provoking piece.

My favorite piece in the entire exhibit was “Heart of Glass” by Clive Smith. He is a British painter who lives and works in New York City. In his work, he tries to capture environmental changes. “Heart of Glass” is part of a series of landscape paintings reflected in a disco mirror ball. While doing my research I found out that Heart of Glass was created from a scene in upstate New York. The artist took an actual disco mirror ball and hiked with it until he found this beautiful view. The reflection shows a tree that has lost most of its leaves in a wintry landscape. The sky is so blue and crystal clear, and it seems like there’s no end to it. The title of the piece comes from a Blondie song titled “Heart of Glass”, which is one of Clive Smith’s favorite songs. In my opinion, the disco ball represents the Earth and the fracturing landscape as a result of human actions and behaviors.  I’ve never seen anything like it. It is very special to me. 

You can see the exhibit for yourself at

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