💖Social Distancing💖


How are you all doing? I am keeping busy during quarantine and I will share some suggestions about what you can do to stay safe but still have fun. 

First, I try to keep to a schedule. I wake up at 7:00am on weekdays, and get ready to work by 8:00am so it’s like I’m going to school. I always finish my schoolwork, but since we have to stay home, I have also been playing a lot of video games with my friends. My favorite games are Roblox and Just Dance. Playing video games is exciting but it is also an opportunity to connect with my friends. 

Sometimes I go for bike rides, or for walks. I make sure that I play piano and violin, so I don’t forget the things I’ve learned. If I don’t go for walks or ride my bicycle on my block, I play soccer or baseball with my mom and sister. In addition, I enjoy playing with slime and watching Youtube. I’m also creating a lot of art.  

I would definitely recommend working out because we will probably be home for a long time. Don’t worry though! Working out can be a lot of fun! You can work out alone, but I would recommend doing it with a partner because it makes it more fun. On the days that I can’t go outside to workout, I do Just Dance. I would also recommend continuing to pursue hobbies. For example, painting or coloring, dancing, singing, or playing instruments. I hope you are all doing well.

Stay safe!

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