If you’ve ever found yourself in a tough situation or just wanted to be more mindful, I recommend Headspace to you. I got introduced to Headspace while I was on a plane to Poland. I was a little bit bored, so I decided to check out the screen attached to the seat in front of me. I explored the screen until I found Headspace. There was a little cartoon character looking at me, and his expression appeared to say, “Hello! I’m glad you found me!” It was so welcoming and cute, I couldn’t help but listen to one of the meditations. I thought it was very cool. And then a few years later, someone recommended Headspace to me. I remembered the first time I saw it, and so I decided to download it for myself!

Headspace is an app that helps you relax, focus, teaches you how to meditate, and offers you advice for a better, happier life. Anyone can use it: kids, teens, adults, and young moms and dads! There’s something for everyone. You can use Headspace anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You can download it on your device and use it on the go. Use it in your home, when you’re traveling, or outside. Are you really busy and have no time to meditate? No problem! There are meditations that are as short as 1 minute long.

Headspace isn’t just meditation, though. There is music, nature sounds to relax you, movement programs with Kim Glass and Leon Taylor, both Olympic athletes, and animations that teach you about your mind and body. There is also a Wake Up video. It is different each day and it gives you tips about various topics, like change, breathing, or how to re-organize your kitchen. The last feature is community stories. They are about real people sharing their stories about how Headspace changed their lives. You can also share your story and other users can read them.

I personally like Headspace because there are a lot of options to fit your needs. You can choose a female or male voice, the length of the meditations, and you can choose meditations to match your mood. My brother likes to fall asleep listening to nature sounds, and my mom loves calm music and the daily Wake Up tips. As I said, there is something for everyone.

In order to unlock the full Headspace experience, you have to get a membership. There are two options. You can pay monthly, which is $12.99/month, or yearly, which is $69.99/year. Headspace occasionally offers discounts codes, so that’s something to look for. The good news is that I can share my membership with my family members, and we were able to log in on a few different devices.  Although Headspace is a little pricey, it is absolutely worth it. 

When I was doing my research, I found out that Headspace is offering a free membership to healthcare professionals and educators during the pandemic since they work extremely hard and probably need Headspace more than anyone else right now. Helping those who care for us, care for themselves.

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