Activities During Quarantine


Quarantine has been hard on us all, and it’s affected our daily lifestyle. Since we have so much time on our hands now, it’s almost impossible to know what to do with the spare time. But, with a positive mindset, it’s easy to find an activity to do. I have been trying many, many activities, to find a new hobby.

I  have been itching to fix my garden, it doesn’t even have the basics to be classified as a garden. My “garden” is in terrible shape, it doesn’t have a lot of flowers or plants. I recently planted some scallions to improve the state of my garden and they’re doing better than I expected. Usually, when I try to grow anything, it doesn’t turn out right, even though I give the plant the right amount of sunlight and water. I have numerous types of flowers growing as well. They were planted before I moved into my home, and since they have been receiving the care they need, they’re ravishing! My problem seems to be the planting process. Nonetheless, I will keep aiming to improve my gardening skills!

I have also progressed in my art skills. I have loved drawing since third grade, so it’s been about three years. I remember when I received my first ever professional sketchbook. I was so ecstatic that I drew in it every single day! Even though my drawings weren’t very organized, I never focused on my end result. I remember drawing aimlessly, without a specific character in mind, and it always turned out to be disproportionate. But, I feel that helped me. Usually, I draw without a picture sitting right beside me as a guide, I would always just try to wing it, freestyle. Once, I was really curious about what would happen if I used a guide, so I did. It turned out lovely. I was astounded at what I had stumbled upon. I was proud and just really shocked. The guide helped me with facial proportions, while I was drawing. Since then, I dove into studying realism. Of course, I tried out other techniques and styles, like cubism. My art teacher assigned an assignment last week and I really enjoyed drawing in that style. So, I would say my art skills are making progress.

Quarantine has also inspired me to cook! I help out my mom often, but with little tasks like browning some onions or chopping up some apples. However, during quarantine, I made myself a birthday cake, a brownie birthday cake! It was delicious. I added ice cream bars on top to help the dry texture of the brownie. I baked that brownie twice, though the second time didn’t go as planned. I’ve also made a whole batch of spaghetti. I think pasta may be the only thing that will always turn out right for me. Pasta is just so simple to make, just add marinara and a side, like veggies, minced meat, etc. I’m trying to discover more styles of cooking, but my favorite, by far, is Italian cuisine. I’m also interested in Turkish foods. I ate at a Turkish restaurant a while ago and their food was fresh and appetizing. These are some of my cooking adventures while being in quarantine.

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