How I Deal With Quarantine Boredom


If you’re anything like me, you’re losing your mind right now.  You’ve done everything you can and more and you’re bored again.  But there are a few things that can keep you sane, while insanely bored.  The first thing that comes to my mind is playing outside.   When I am outside, I like to go to my treehouse and make regular chalk paint. I also take online dance classes.  Ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, hip hop and a few others that I can’t think of right now.  Sometimes I cook.  I don’t cook that often because we need to save our resources, but when I do, I usually make french toast or eggs.  I also bake cookies.  On Friday night, I’m learning how to make cake pops.  I learned how to make paper slinkies and I made a giant rainbow one! (pictured here)  I also draw a lot.  It’s kind of hard to explain what I draw, but it’s usually a cartoon drawing.  This is how I cope with quarantine boredom.

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