Thanking Essential Workers


While you sit at home with your family, do you ever wonder about the people that are still working during these tough times? I know I do. Do you ever wonder how you could thank them? Well if so, then this blog is recommended for you. 

One way to thank the essential workers is probably something you are aware of or have seen, which is making rainbows or positivity signs and hanging them on your doors and windows. Another way is if you have chalk at your house you could draw with chalk on sidewalks with positive messages and some pictures. You could also write letters and have your parents send them to essential workers or if you want to  write a letter to your mailman, you could surprise them with it when they take your mail. Also, if you know anybody still working, you could make a video thanking them for all they are doing. For this next idea you will need your parents permission because it will involve using their car. This idea is making signs and taping or putting them on your parents car so wherever they go people will see the sign and might consider making their own sign. My last idea is to make a sign and stick it on your front lawn so people could see it when they walk or drive by your house.

If you are inspired by any of my ideas, I recommend doing it with someone because when I did it with my younger brother it was a lot more fun than doing it alone. You could also spread the word to other people so they can try out an activity. 

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