Virtual Helicopter Tour of New York City Landmarks


I took a virtual field trip to visit important New York City landmarks. The field trip started off by virtually stepping into a helicopter and waiting to take flight into the sunny, blue skies above New York City. As I was wondering what to expect, I realized that my helicopter was moving. I looked out the side of the helicopter and I saw these amazing sites such as bays, bridges, The Statue of Liberty, and buildings, in less than two and a half minutes. That was just the beginning of your amazing virtual field trip.

One of the historical, most popular landmarks, and my personal favorite place to see, on this virtual field trip was the Statue of Liberty. During the time visiting the Statue of Liberty, I learned that over four million people visited the famous statue last year. I also learned that the Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from France and is recognized as a universal symbol of democracy.

Another one of the many important landmarks we visited on this virtual field trip was Ellis Island. During the Ellis Island visit, I learned that it is one of the most historical landmarks in the United States and that more than half of all Americans have someone related to them that immigrated from another country and came through Ellis Island.

If you would like to visit this wonderful virtual tour for yourself go to

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