White Bird


“White Bird” is an amazing book written by J. Palacio, who also wrote the New York Times best seller, “Wonder.” Now I’m sure everyone has at least heard of “Wonder,” the inspirational story about a boy named August who looks different from others but manages to find his way and do things like any other boy, eat ice cream and play ball with his friends Jack, Will and Summer. But, do you remember his bully? Julian teased and made fun of August for being different until Jack punched him and got suspended. “White Bird” goes into Julian’s family history, particularly his grandmother Sara’s history.

Along with “Wonder”, “White Bird” is also a very inspirational story. It is great for anyone who likes adventure, suspense, and a little bit of happiness and sadness mixed into their stories. “White Bird” is a great book because we get to live in someone else’s shoes. In the book, Julian asks his grandmother to tell him about when she was a little girl during World War II, for a project about his hero. 

His Grandmother tells him that she lived in France with her father, Max, and her mother, Rose Blum. Her parents called Sara, “White Bird” and played a game with her where her father would throw her up into the air. 

When France surrendered to Germany in June of 1940 the country split into the Occupied Zone and the Free Zone. Fortunately, Sara lived in the Free Zone where Jews, like herself, could live peacefully and not be sent to concentration camps or killed. However, one afternoon when she was at school some teachers took all of the Jewish kids out into the snowy woods. No one knew what was happening but Sara hid in the school. Soon Nazis arrived and found all of the kids in the woods. But they realized some kids were missing. They came into the school looking and searching everywhere. Soon, Julian Beaumier finds Sara and saves her life by hiding her in his barn back home. No one ever talked to Julian, he was disabled and couldn’t use his legs. People made fun of him and called him Tourteau which meant “crab”. However he and his family risked their lives to save Sara. Sara was so touched by his kindness that she named Julian’s father, Julian, and Julian’s father named his son Julian too. 

Sara tells Julian, “It always takes courage to be kind, but in those days, such kindness could cost you everything.” “White Bird” is a heartwarming story that makes you feel good. At times it may be sad, but over all, I would definitely recommend this book. It is a graphic novel that will make you smile, and may be even a bit teary. But honestly, this book may just be one of my absolute favorites. This book has so many twists and turns, I recommend it for everyone! You should definitely read “White Bird” if you want to find out what happens to Sara and Julian!

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