I have seen many interesting movies, and this is definitely one of them. Mulan, the live action movie, which is based off of the Disney animated movie, is incredible. The title character, Mulan, is from the Hua family, and she has a gift for fighting. But at that time, fighting wasn’t how girls were supposed to behave. They were supposed to get married and bring honor to their family, but no matter how much Mulan tried to act like a lady, she couldn’t hide her fighting spirit.

While the family was coming to terms with Mulan’s behavior, the emperor’s men came with news to their village. Their country was under attack by the Rourans, a group of outcasts led by a man named Bori Khan. The Emperor ordered that one man from every family must join the army and fight in the war. Mulan’s dad was too old, and there was no other man in her family to fight. So, she took his place by “becoming” a man. Will Mulan be able to survive in the camp with the other men? Will she be able to realize her full potential? Will she rid the Rourans and save China? Will she show everyone that a girl can be a warrior? Watch the movie to find out! 

I was really excited to see the new Mulan movie, but they changed various aspects from the original animated movie. The story line and many of the names are different! Even with these changes, the movie is still very intriguing in its own way.  Liu Yifei, who portrayed Mulan, did an amazing job depicting the various emotions Mulan experiences throughout the movie. I really enjoyed all the visual effects, and the fighting sequences were breathtaking!

In conclusion, Mulan is definitely worth the watch!  

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