Over the Moon

Over the Moon

A story about grief, a story about adventure, a story about love – Over the Moon has all these qualities. It talks about a young girl who lost her mother, and still can’t accept that she is gone. Her name is Fei Fei. Fei Fei and her mother always loved the Moon Festival. They would repeat the story of the moon goddess over and over. When Fei Fei’s mother died, Fei Fei still never stopped believing in the goddess. One day, during the moon festival, four years after her mother died, Fei Fei’s dad fell in love once more with another woman who had an annoying son. Fei Fei couldn’t understand why her dad was moving on, and she definitely didn’t want a brother! Her dad also stopped believing in the goddess, and Fei Fei’s heart was broken once again. To convince her dad that the moon goddess was real, she took off and went to the moon to find her. Will she find the moon goddess? Will she accept that her mother is gone? Will she love her new family? What adventures will she encounter? Watch the movie to find out!

Over the Moon is an amazing movie, but every good movie has at least one flaw. In this movie, I felt that there were too many unnecessary songs, which interfered with the storyline of the movie, and the relationships between the characters.

Despite this flaw, the movie is still very enjoyable. One thing I like about this movie is the plot. It was easy to understand and to follow the storyline. I also like how Fei Fei’s feelings were very explicit. I could fully understand how she felt throughout the movie. This movie has spectacular animation and such charming characters. And even though I think there are too many songs, they’re all beautiful in their own way. The manner in which the director crafted the movie is spectacular, because of how this movie conveys the boundless love of family. 

If you are someone who loves music, adventure, love, and a happy ending, this movie is definitely made for you. To summarize, this movie is worth the watch!


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