The Princess Switch: Switched Again


As we all know, Christmas, one of the best holidays during the year, is just around the corner. During Christmas, we put up a tree, open presents, and watch Christmas movies. Around this time, every year, Netflix releases amazing Christmas movies. “The Princess Switch: Switched Again”, is the best Christmas movie I have seen so far! It has action, suspense, and romance which all intertwine and make this an incredible movie.

This movie starts out with two girls, one a princess, Stacy, and the other a duchess, Margaret. They have a remarkable resemblance to each other, and they are the best of friends. Margaret is about to become queen even though she doesn’t want to. Since she is becoming queen, her cousin Fiona gets jealous that she doesn’t get nearly a fraction of the wealth that Margaret is getting. Fiona then decides to capture Margaret and become Queen herself!  Will the duchess be alright? Will she become queen? Watch the movie to find out!

It pretty common for even the most amazing movie to have flaws, but I couldn’t find one in this movie. It is so engaging, but, I strongly suggest you watch the prequel, “The Princess Switch” on Netflix, to understand this movie. Both movies are incredible, and they both keep you on your toes!

I loved this movie! This movie has an amazing plot, and a wonderful ending. If you are someone who loves action, suspense, and romance, this movie is definitely made for you. To recap, this movie is undoubtedly worth the watch!

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