The movie Soul is one of my favorite movies that was recently released.

Soul is a Pixar animated film directed by Pete Docter, who is not only the chief creative officer of Pixar but also directed iconic movies like Monsters, Inc., Up, and Inside Out. Some of the people who starred in Soul include Daveed Diggs, Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, and Phylicia Rashad. Soul is a very detailed film with an incredibly written storyline.

Soul opens with a man named Joe Gardner (played by Jamie Foxx). He is a music teacher with a goal to become a professional musician. He is very passionate about playing jazz and is really talented at playing the piano. He falls into a manhole and falls into a coma which sets us up flashbacks and insight into Joe’s life. His soul is sent to a place called “The Land Of The Dead”, where he was supposed to meet his fate, death.

He successfully escapes “The Land Of The Dead” and falls into “The Great Before”, a place where souls are made before being sent into their bodies to live life. Here Joe meets a soul called 22 (played by Tina Fey), who doesn’t want to leave “The Great Before” and has a very dimmed view of life. Joe’s ultimate goal throughout the movie is to find his way back into his body before his body dies with the help of 22 and other characters he meets along the way. Is Joe successful? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

I really like the movie Soul and I’d recommend it to children over the age of 6 because I personally don’t think that anyone under the age of 6 will be able to understand some of the themes that are in this movie.

I rate Soul an overall 10/10!

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