All Aboard New Yorkers

Come ride the ferry to Governors Island where you will have breath taking views of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.{It’s the only way to get there}. Plan ahead, because the island will reopen to the public in May 2015. The 2014 season recently ended and was the first time in history that Governors Island was open to the public seven days a week. While it is closed, the island is being built up for people to enjoy and explore next spring. Before it closed the end of September, I got a glimpse of the exciting adventures there.
The first thing I noticed was how much grass there was there and how green it was! The second thing I noticed was how many bicycle paths and bicycles were all throughout the park. There were canopy bikes that 4 people ride at a time. I have never seen a canopy bike before. Let me tell you, they are pretty darn cool. You can also rent a tandem bike there. Despite the fact that it is a historical setting, with many buildings from the 1800’s, there were modern, unique, unforgettable sculptures spread out most of the park. My favorite sculpture is the telephone because it was just meant to be a stick but they added a telephone to make it more unique.

You just cannot leave without trying out a hammock. There is a section where it is called Hammock Grove because there are so many hammocks. They made a huge treehouse that was made out of recycled items. Like for example they had recycled doors, tennis balls, wood, leather strips. It was Amazing! There is also a part where there are chickens and goats! At the chicken center you can actually pick up the chickens. At the goat pen you can pet the goats and walk the goats on a leash. One of the goats jumped on the picnic table and knelt down to dig in my mom’s purse. It found our map for the whole island and took…a bite! They have so many different food trucks like Jamaican, Italian , and waffle food trucks. And even better some of the the food is locally grown! The buildings on the island are used as gift shops, art galleries, jewelry stores, and many different things. The island also hosts many spectacular events, like a kite festival, French vintage carnival, and sporting events.

It’s hard to believe that Governors Island used to be a military base for the US Army for about 200 years. The island is 172 acres, which is larger than 137 football fields! It is located between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. For more information, go to