Welcome to Becker Farms




Welcome to Becker Farms! Becker Farms is in the middle of the Niagara Wine Trail.

There are many animals at Becker Farms. Two of the animals there are sheep. The one that I petted was friendly. His coat was so soft and cuddly. “Bahhhhhh.” That scared me. I have never heard that up close or live and in person.

Then I saw an Alpaca. That Alpaca I tried to pet, but it tried to bite my hand. After that, I went over to the other alpaca and that one tried to lick me!

Becker Farms also has pig races. Sponge Bob Squeal Pants won the first time. Baby Lisa Yeehah won the 2nd race.

There are also chickens, goats that tried eating all of the hay stacks, ducks, bunnies and more.

There are three horses that you can ride on in a small track. There are two fully grown horses and one baby. I rode on one of the adult horses. The ride is so safe there is no helmet required. I almost did fall off the stool getting on Mr. Horse, but I am just clumsy.

Becker Farms also has a playground. One structure had tire stairs. Another structure has monkey bars and slides. At the end of the slides are “land mines.” Just be careful where you step.

Becker Farms even has their own bakery with lots of homemade treats. Yummm! There are many different types of homemade pies. The apple pies look amazing. They also have homemade jams, fudge and cookies.

Becker Farms even has an apple orchard. The apples have already been picked. Now people can choose the types of apples they want from big baskets. There are lots of varieties to choose from. Crispy, crunchy apples.

With all of the information about Becker Farms, it is a fun and educational place for children and adults.





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