The Books For Animal Lovers

The past few years, I believe I had found the perfect author for animal books. That wonderful author writes about owls, wolves, bears and horses. This author of many great chapter books is Kathryn Lasky. I also have to mention these books, as said on the cover, are for age 9 and up. I would rate these books five stars. These series that I have read from her are Owls of Ga’Hoole, Wolves of the Beyond and Horses of the Dawn. These books all link up. At the end of the last book of Owls of Ga’Hoole she mentions wolves. So Wolves Of The Beyond are made. At the end of the 6th book, she mentions horses on the island that the wolves landed on. So Horses of the Dawn are made. That’s the newest series.

Enough about how the books link up. The real stories are much more interesting. I hope you hadn’t logged off or fallen asleep yet! Anyway, I’m going to tell you all about the OWLS OF GA’HOOLE.  A hatchling named Soren and his brother get stolen from the nest. By Nira and her evil minions. They have to get trained to be MOONBLINKED. That is when an owl’s eyes turn white after sleeping under a full moon. They escape and soon have many adventures. I enjoyed the first book a lot and then watched the movie “Legend of the Guardians.” (Read the books to find out more.)

The next series is the WOLVES OF THE BEYOND. A wolf pup named Faolan was abandoned on a flow of ice in  a river because he was ‘different.’ He was only a few days old. He somehow survives the tumbling waves and ice and lives with a grizzly bear he names Thunder-heart. After Thunder-heart passes, he goes out on his own. There are lives, deaths and excitement all around. I really enjoyed this series and it is my favorite. (Read the books to find out more.)

The last series, only one or two books so far. They are the HORSES OF THE DAWN. A horse named Stella was born on a ship. Her mother died from sharks and her friends followed her. They were looking for a new land to call home. They journeyed through plains, jungles and even changed their names. They had dreams that lead to future dangers, too. I enjoyed this series so much. (Read the books to find out more.)

I got a couple of book readers to tell me what they think. Arilyse M, age 10 said, “I didn’t finish it yet, but it is very good so far.” Her favorite character is, “Faolan, the puppy who was banished in the first book.”  I couldn’t find ant other readers, but I am sure many fans would give a thumbs up! I love this book author and many others should put their heads in books and start reading! kathryn lasky pic for Ariana Wolfe

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