Stokoe Farms


Stokoe Farms in Scottsville is a very fun farm!  There are a lot of fun activities there!  They have a great big pumpkin patch.  The “Stokoe family” has had this farm since 1812.

There are many fall snacks like cider donuts, cider slushies and fall cookies. They have a great big slide that you can go down and a hayride where you can go to see all of the games instead of walking so far.

They have a chicken show where you sit on hay and watch these puppets sing and dance. The animals are amazing! They have a three month old cow named Elsie ( my favorite animal ) and a yak, pigs, rabbits, llamas and alpacas.

My favorite thing would probably be the corn maze! In the corn maze, there are a lot of routes. Be careful though because a lot of people trip on the corn! Also there is a giant blowup “pillow” that you can jump on, and if you have a little sibling they can go on a separate pillow with kids their age too. There is a corn pit where you can play, but it does require to get a tiny bit dirty with with dirt but not that dirty! Those are some of the activities at Stokoe Farms, a fun place for families and friends.

This is the cow named Elsie