The Big Apple

You'll never think the unexpected, but you'll see it happen before your eyes!

The Statue of Liberty!

The Statue of Liberty!

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New York City is your chance to take a bite out of a big apple! There are many good and fun things to in New York City. If you are visiting New York City here is a few things you should try for your visit.

One of the most fun things is walking to Times Square and going into all the shops.  I prefer walking because there is so much traffic and so many crashes. But before all that good stuff, you should have a place to stay or a hotel! Well I stayed at a hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey, which is so close to New York City you can see it on the horizon.

But now comes the fun, exciting part the shopping, food, shows and etc. The first thing we did was try to win tickets in a raffle to go see Aladdin on Broadway, the more people in a family the bigger the chances of you winning. My sister won two tickets, but she gave them away to my dad and other sister. We went to Times Square in the gigantic Toys R Us store, which even has a huge Ferris wheel! It also has a Wonka candy section, a Candy Land section and a Statue of Liberty made out of Legos!

This might be your favorite part of the whole trip: visiting the Statue of Liberty. You’ll have some fun! First you have to buy tickets to go on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, but it is worth your money because you also get to go to Ellis Island which is where immigrants came to get checked before they entered the United States.

When you see the Statue of Liberty you feel so full of pride and proud and it’s such a beautiful feeling that it is very hard to explain. Most of all you’re proud because you know you are free and when you see the Statue of Liberty it reminds you of that wonderful feeling!

Now you know about all sorts of interesting things about NYC, and I hope that after reading this article you are definitely ready for the juicy, fruity bite of the big apple!

The Statue of Liberty!

The Statue of Liberty!