Great story, exciting plot

A review on "The Girl From Felony Bay" by J.E. Thomson

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J.E. Thomson’s The Girl From Felony Bay is a thrilling novel – great for action, realistic fiction, and, of course, mystery fans. It involves chases, fraud, and real-life problems.


Abbey Force’s dad is knocked into a coma after an accident a year ago and, at the same time, is accused of robbery of some precious gems and gold. Miss Jenkins, the paralyzed, somewhat eccentric robbery victim agrees not to charge Mr. Force if Reward Plantation, the Force’s inherited property, gets sold – and all the money goes to Miss Jenkins. Stuck with weird old Uncle Charlie and Aunt Ruth, Abbey is determined to find out what’s happening in Felony Bay, a piece of Reward Plantation, and maybe even clear her dad’s name. Joining her in the “investigation” is the daughter of the millionaire who bought Reward, Bee Force. Thomson makes you think something is coming, and at the last moment, he proves you completely wrong, which I love.


There are 375 pages, so in my opinion it is a good length (and content) for kids in grades 5+. It is a great book, and I encourage you to read it.