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Young Voices of New York ( is a website produced by New York News Publishers Association (NYNPA) designed to provide an opportunity for young people  under the age of 14 to have a forum, to increase their communication skills, review books and movies, and share ideas with other youth. Anyone is welcome to visit and read information on the site, but students who wish to post must register with us and provide us with written parental permission since this site is offered for age 14 and under. Contact information is used to provide writing assignments and in the editing process, as well as to keep reporters informed about YVNY activities and opportunities. None of this information will be provided to third parties or used for marketing purposes. Selected stories may be chosen for print in NYNPA member publications.

Click here to download Parental Permission/Registration Form

Fill out this form and mail or fax back to Young Voices of New York publisher:  Mary Miller, NYNPA-YVNewYork, 252 Hudson Avenue, Albany, NY 12210-1802 or Fax to: 518-449-1667.

Questions? Call or email Mary at 518-449-1667 ext. 701 or [email protected].


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A news site for young people across New York State up to 14 years old.
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