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Follett Challenge: We Won!

Follett Challenge: We Won!

Ruby Volk, 9, Valley Stream

June 8, 2015

The Follett Challenge is a book competition that challenges children to go online to to vote for your favorite school video. Our school video was “Team PARP!” This video had students who were interviewed, teachers who explained why to vote for the Team PARP! video, and more. ...

Wild Wings

This is Melinda the barn owl, held by a handler.  (photos courtesy Wild Wings Nature Center)

Ariana Rivers, 11, Rochester

May 18, 2015

Have you heard the saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?” Have you also heard the saying, “by a hawk's flight?” These sayings become real at Wild Wings Nature Center at Mendon Ponds Park in Honeoye Falls. And if your next question is “Are there buffalo wings??” The answer...

Corning Museum of Glass

Me making my ornament.

Karis Wynings, 10, Rochester

May 6, 2015

The Corning Museum of Glass is a great place to visit, it's in Corning and my Girl Scout troop went on a field trip to CMoG. For us girls, it was a long trip. But it was worth it. We had to go to the Welcome Center to check in and then we walked two minutes away to the actual museum. When you first...

The Trials of Alice in Wonderland, The Play

The Trials of Alice in Wonderland,  The Play

Chloe Antonia Rose, 8, Manhattan

April 29, 2015

"The Trials of Alice in Wonderland," now playing at Tada Youth Theater, 15 West 28th Street in New York City, is a really good play with a lot of fun action. The play is about Alice on trial for growing and shrinking.  The central message is that you are never too big or too small to do what yo...

Redpath Museum

This skeleton is the highlight of Redpath.

Jonas Petro, 11, Peru

March 17, 2015

Looking for something to do in this cold winter weather? How about going to McGill University’s Redpath Museum in Montreal, Canada.  With three floors, including the entrance hall, the mineralology floor, and the world cultures floor, this is the ideal spot for an interesting trip! Redpath Museum...

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Karis Wynings, 10, Rochester

February 10, 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the sheep, goat or ram. People call it all of those. Every year is a different animal and every 12 years the animal will be the same. The animal is based on the Chinese zodiac. Every Chinese New Year is in January or February. This year the Chi...

The Big Apple

The Statue of Liberty!

Shea Perry, 10, Gates

January 28, 2015

New York City is your chance to take a bite out of a big apple! There are many good and fun things to in New York City. If you are visiting New York City here is a few things you should try for your visit. One of the most fun things is walking to Times Square and going into all the shops.  I prefe...

Times Square and Rockefeller Center

Times Square and Rockefeller Center

Santiago Lopez, 9, Valley Stream

January 22, 2015

Times Square is amazing, as is Rockefeller Center. If you are a tourist you will love it. You can go from cool restaurants to amazing musicals. In Times Square you can drink great coffee. There is also a big screen where you can see yourself. You can go on Ruby-Red steps. They rise 16 feet over 47th Stre...



Mike Peterson, Editor

January 8, 2015

Being a reporter for Young Voices of New York is a great opportunity to build your writing skills and learn how real, responsible journalism works. What do you pay for this education? Nothing! It's a free service made possible by the New York News Publishers Foundation and our other supporters. And...

A Day At Northampton

A Day At Northampton

Karis Wynings, 10, Rochester

January 2, 2015

Have you ever had trouble trying to figure out what to do on a cold but not freezing day? If you are looking for something to do you could take out your sleds, snowboards, and/or skis and go to Northampton Park for the day. It is in Sweden, New York. Northamton Park is 973 acres w...

Disney On Ice: Frozen

Disney On Ice: Frozen

Avani Voytelmgum, 10, Valley Stream

December 18, 2014

Disney On Ice: Frozen is a spectacular performance of ice skating, singing, dancing and acting. You don’t want to miss it!!! Now, welcoming the movie Frozen, but on ice!!! This spectacular show is going to amaze you and your families. The view from any seat would be amazing. The actors make sure...

Historic Fort Near Adirondacks

Historic Fort Near Adirondacks

Jacob C. Weinstein, 10, Endwell

November 25, 2014

Historic. Beautiful. Mighty. Those are just some words people use to describe Fort Ticonderoga in Ticonderoga, New York. (A bit redundant, anyone?)   History: The French military began constructing Fort Carillon (pronounced "carry on") in 1755 to guard Lake George and Lake Champlain. In 1...

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