Young Voices of New York

2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Patrick BiondolilloContributorSee Patrick Biondolillo's profile
See Patrick Biondolillo's profile
Ryan ChengContributorSee Ryan Cheng's profile
See Ryan Cheng's profile
Eliana DeckerContributorSee Eliana Decker's profile
See Eliana Decker's profile
Samantha FreemanContributorSee Samantha Freeman's profile
See Samantha Freeman's profile
Alexa Joy KosinskiContributorSee Alexa Joy Kosinski's profile
See Alexa Joy Kosinski's profile
Mya MillerContributorSee Mya Miller's profile
See Mya Miller's profile
Micaela ViscarraContributorSee Micaela Viscarra's profile
See Micaela Viscarra's profile
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